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Warehouse Solutions

Tight on Space? We have you covered.

Are you running out of space in your current facilities? JQ Recycling offers the following warehouse solutions that can help you:

Limited Floor Space W offer a dropped trailer service to keep the client's valuable floor space free for their core warhouse needs while storing the obsolete IT equipment in a secured trailer. When the trailer is full, simply call us for a drop and swap.
Prompt Pick-ups If a client does not have room for a staged trailer nor the volume to consistently swap out, we offer prompt, on-time pick-ups.
Limited Resources JQ Recycling can drop empty gaylords, pallets, and other packaging materials when picking up the client's IT equipment; a simple and efficient swap.
Limited Training We provide training services to clients where JQ Recycling technicians and or account managers can come on-site to train the client's personnel on safe and efficient packaging of the obsolete IT equipment. This allows the client to maximize floor space, trunk space, and resources.

We offer various warehousing solutions to clientele to proactively solve problems such as limited floor space, limited resources, and limited training.

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