• IT ASSET DISPOSITION & SECURE DESTRUCTION - Secure - Environmentally Responsible - Convenient
  • SECURE DESTRUCTION - DoD Wiping Standards, Degaussing & Shredding.
  • HIGHEST VALUE RECOVERY - JQ Recycling has Multiple Outlets for Remarketing and Reuse.

It Asset Disposition

Our full suite of IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions meets the needs of many unique businesses while eliminating the complexity and risk from their operations…

Secure Data Destruction

JQ Recycling uses a wide range of data erasing, sanitation and destruction services that meet the latest DoD and NIST standards to eliminate the potential security …

Electronics Recycling Disposal

JQ Recycling will dispose of your decommissioned, retired or unused electronics, IT assets and electronic waste in the most environmentally responsible manner …

It Asset Disposition, Data Destruction, Computer / Laptop Reuse And Recycling Services

JQ Recycling is a leader in the secure, sustainable and responsible recovery of consumer electronics and computers for reuse and recycling. From secure onsite data sanitation to refurbishing and recycling, JQ Recycling’s closed-loop process reduces security risks, protects your company’s reputation and creates profit for customers. Whether you have one location or thousands, anywhere in the U.S. we can accommodate your needs and pay top dollar for retired equipment. Our environmentally sound processes and complete data destruction techniques ensure compliance with environmental and data security legislation. JQ Recycling's nationwide network of on-site data destruction capabilities with certified processing facilities support domestic processing of electronics and provide a comprehensive yet economically viable solution to the management of e-waste.