Product Destruction

Secure Product Destruction

Destroying more than just hard drives….

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for manufacturing companies. That's why JQ Recycling offers certified shredding service for our customers that need to decommission sensitive IT equipment, products or prototypes. We make sure your items are securely destroyed and guarantee that they won't be reused in any way.

JQ Recycling's Secure Product Destruction Services can reduce your risks.

Counterfeit Product Destruction

defence-logo Counterfeit Electronics and goods have been entering our country for years and continues to plague our economy and now threatens our economy. Counterfeiting has reached epidemic proportions…. Border Patrol and Customs reported 1.7 Billion Dollars in 2014 and it's just getting worst. JQ Recycling insures proper destruction and disposal of all electronics and other proprietary material streams at the manufacturing level. We offer these same services to US Border Patrol and Homeland Security. The NDIA reports that Counterfeit Electronic components have already infiltrated our Military at an alarming rate.

Ideal for:

  • Clothing including branded uniforms, gloves and products
  • Obsolete Materials
  • Overstocks
  • Returned Products
  • Recalls
  • Prototypes
  • Counterfeit Goods – Apparel, CD’s, DVD’s, shoes handbags, toys, electronics
  • Identification badges
  • Medical materials including X-rays, medical bracelets and blue wrap
  • Film, microfilm, microfiche and tape reels
  • e-media, e-scrap - hard drives, cpu’s, tablets, audio & video equipment, cell
  • Binders and portfolios
  • Credit Cards, loyalty cards
  • As well as almost anything else clients need to securely and permanently dispose of

Trust JQ Recycling

The only way to ensure defective and outdated products are not entering secondary markets as counterfeits is through our customizable Secure Product Destruction Service. JQ Recycling provides a wide range of documented destruction options and we're not limited to just electronics. We offer secure video feeds to ensure visual documentation using standard video formats that our customers can download and archive for historical proof.

Product Destruction Services include:

  • Pickup by specially trained, customer security representatives
  • Secure chain of custody handling procedures
  • Videos are provided to ensure visual destruction & proof
  • Certificate of Destruction detailing everything was destroyed
  • All materials disposed of in an environmentally compliant way

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