For large organizations, the disposition of assets can be complicated and risky. Every computer, server, storage system, tablet, smart phone or other IT device being decommissioned can pose a data security risk and environmental hazard.

We believe that a company's most valuable asset is its reputation. Our global IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions help protect a client's brand through strict data security and compliance with all environmental regulations, all while ensuring that reuse and remarketing value is maximized. In addition, our team of experienced, knowledgeable ITAD experts is focused on creating flexible, locally managed, transparent programs customized for each of our cliets. So day-to-day activity is easier to manage and measure, and more reliable. For many Fortune 1000 companies around the world, we are the ideal solution for secure IT asset disposal.

JQ Recycling's IT Asset Disposition solutions include:

Secure Logistics and Transport

page-image10 Our strict gudelines for packaging, collecting and transporting assets ensure a secure chain-of-custody while protecting you from unnecessary risk and expense.

Data Security

JQ Recycling ensures that data-bearing devices are sanitized safely and properly using methods aligned with NIST 800-88 guidelines. Drives that cannot be sanitized are shredded to prevent data recovery.


JQ Recycling's exertise in enterprise IT management spans across diverse technologies and platforms and is depoyed across multiple geographies, enabling us to maximize the recovery value of your remarketable assets.

Reuse and Inventory Management

JQ Recycling puts an emphasis on reuse in order to extend the life of electronic equipment. We offer refurbishment, redeployment, resale, donation and disassembly of assets to yeild greater sustainability.

Responsible Recycling

JQ Recycling handles all materials under our acceptable materials, which follows strict guidelines that meet or exceed today's leading environmental standards.


Customizable, reporting allows viewing of all available and retired assets.

Data Center Services

Corporate data centers often must consolidate when offices move, close or are renovated. These changes create unique challenges that require specialized IT support. JQ Recycling can manage the secure IT asset disposal from a data center that is closing or relocating.

Warranty Repair and Sourcing

For equipment under warranty with an OEM, JQ Recycling will perform minor repairs and soure spare parts to return the equipment to its origional state. This offering enables clients to return a more valuale product to the lessor and reduce their warranty service fees.

Redeployment Programs

When IT equipment is no longer needed, enterprises may find value in redeploying that asset to another corporate division. Redeployment within your organization is a sustainable practice that stretches IT budgets and helps keep maximum value within your corporate environment.

Software Imaging

As a MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher), JQ Recycling can add genuine Microsoft software to your redeployed assets, increasing their resale value.

Hardware Integration

For clients that choose to repurpose IT assets for use elsewhere within their organization, JQ Recycling can add any necessary hardware to the assets so that the refurbished product received meets minimum technical standards for your IT infrastructure and is ready for immediate use.

Employee Purchase Programs

JQ Recycling provides an employee purchase program offering the highest-quality equipment that has been wiped clean of any data and refurbished for resale. Organizations can also offer their employees a discount as an additional employee benefit.

Corporate Donation Programs

If your organization's social responsibility program includes corporate donation, JQ Recycling can refurbish your IT assets, install genuine Microsoft Windows software, and facilitate donaction to your charity of choice, helping fulfill your corporate promise.

Life-cycle Asset Management

Clients that require assistance with asset management services, including stock-level planning, procurement, distribution, and asset disposition, can leverage JQ Recycling to help drive down their cost of ownership. JQ Recycling's team of professional program managers have years of of experience in determining the market value of IT equipment and can help you determine when you should retire assets - or their internal components - for maximum return.

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