Electronics Recycling (e-waste)

Electronics Recycling (e-waste)

If Your Electronics Recycling Program
Isn't Secure, It Isn't Responsible

page-image14 Your intention, of course, is to dispose of your decommissioned, retired or unused electronics, IT assets and electronic waste in the most environmentally responsible manner. You need a provider with the proven expertise, processes and track record to ensure your e-waste ends up where it is supposed to - not in a landfill or overseas; and meet the necessary federal regulations for proper e-waste disposal.

Compurters, phones and other e-waste contain hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead, that are harmful to the environment. However, electronics often contain non- renewable resources that can- and should- be relaimed. Either through our automated shredding and separation system or manual tear down line, all electronics will be broken down and separated to commodity levels; i.e. plastics, metal, aluminum, copper, circuit board, etc. These base commodities are then sent off to be refined, smelted, or recycled into clean commodities to be reused in worldwide production, a full-circle process.

JQ Recycling's Solutions

  • Responsible Recycling
  • Secure Transportation & Storage
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Recycling
  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Full Service Pick-ups
  • Revenue Generating Programs
  • Local, State and Federal Compliance
  • Fully Customizable to fit your needs
  • Single point of contact
  • Nationwide Capabilities
  • Zero Landfill
  • Zero Export

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